Thursday, April 29, 2010

O U C H, O U C H, O U C H, and O U C H!

Let's begin by taking a close look at several photos of "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter and his wife which he has posted upon the World Wide Web: two of Doc Chuck and two of his "wife", "Dr." E/Liz/Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter

Okay, now let's get another look at the (according to "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter in his emails to his brother Kenneth W. Treuter and what he insists is true when he has sparred with fellow Internet bloggers) beautiful (?), vivacious (?), vibrant (?), young (?), and voluptuous (???) "Dr. E" as she sat at table about to dine near the Grand Canyon (no, not her mouth into which she was about to shovel her meal but the National Park).   Prior to our looking let's consider the fact that this is a supporter of the B HO(le) Kenyan usurper of our Republic's White House and Oval Office.  Let's also consider that she and "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter are BIG (pun intended) supporters of the dimlibber organization, and the BO stench of dimlibberism and his agenda to have the government take over the food industry and regulate it so that obesity amongst Americans is completely eliminated.  Okay?  Alright let's dare to look:

Take another look at the above photograph (yes, The_Ferret understands that it's not all that easy to do so) and read "DocChuck's"/Charles Richard Treuter's accompanying words with respect to why he posted the photograph and then made reference to it: 
My dearest “Hamsterdance”:
Yes, indeed, that is my lovely wife, Liz. I call her simply “E.”  As you can tell, she is much younger than me. Ours is a lively May-December relationship, if you must ask.In that photo (which I took) Liz is enjoying a traditional cheese quasadilla with extra guacamole and sour cream.  
I had beef, of course, and a snifter of cognac. 
Please read my review of the restaurant here:  I am glad you find "E" as voluptuous and charming as I do! 
Excuse me, but I find all of the "Doc's" above tripe to not only be ludicrous but a reason to be ROTFALMAO!  Oh, and it gets better, very much so.
According to "DocChuck's/Charles Richard Treuter's" emails to Kenneth W. Treuter and his boastful claims on his MySpace pages and in numerous food site blogs, Charles Richard Treuter imagines that his "Dr. E" is a Medical Doctor who graduated from John Hopkins University of Medicine; a world renown neurologist, owner and operator of clinics here, there, most everywhere, including the U.K.; an employer of fellow M.D.s who bow to her and worship at her feet because of her astounding accomplishments and superior education and abilities (almost goddess like) and blah, blah, blah. 
BUSTED: "E/Liz" is a nurse, nothing more!  A nurse who happens to work in prisons!  Obviously she’s not the sharpest scalpel in the “O.R.,” otherwise she’d likely wouldn't be “married” to whom it is that she is  supposedly married and frankly, for a nurse, she's quite a porker/beached whale type that one might recognize as being  in need of Jane Fonda's caring enough to gently take her by a fin/arm or hand and lead her back to the ocean wherein she can spawn and contribute to saving the specie and frankly speaking, I, for one, cannot bring myself to think that she is best ever looking Mormon nurse, not by a long shot.   
Wow, Charles (DocChuck), I would think that the following string of what others have said and are saying in reply to your farcical claims must really has to be especially painful when your lies about your wife (poor creature) get exposed as part of your farce - damnation, don't you hate it when that happens and it comes back to bite you?:
That indian "food" looks like what my housecat Mr. Wiggles gave back to me after consuming a generous portion of Foie' de Volaille I had set out for a special cocktail party at my small horsefarm in Arkansas.
Well, you’re right about one part CockChug, there’s plenty of horse shit where you are.
Cocky’s special cocktail party was to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award from NAMBLA
Rudy McBagel:
You know the Police/FBI can never catch a rapist in Arkansas?
All the men have the same DNA and no dental records.
CockChug walks into a bar in Arkansas and says
“I’d like you to meet my wife and my sister”
And there’s only one woman with him
As a trained psychologist I am quite certain the the [sic] malevolent venom you are spewing is spawned by your deep-seated jealousy of my fabulous wealth and success.  And possibly even my wife's ample bosom. Right now as I type this, my wife and I are in South Dakota where we have just finished a closing on a 70 room Best Western Motel to add to our substantial real estate portfolio.  I hope that hearing this does not put you over the edge (as we say in the business).  If so, acquiesce, as I sincerely doubt that professional help would do you people any good.
Rudy McBagel:
Motel in the tourist magnet that is the Dakotas.
Hilton Family must be shitting themselves.
CockChug’s wife walks into a bar in South Dakota with a pig under her arm
Bartender asks “Where’d you get the cow?”
CockChug’s wife says “Are you blind? He’s not a cow, he’s a pig!”
Bartender says “I was talking to the pig”
Rudy McBagel:
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Except, you know…. and his thai wife, Tingtong.
Slappy Schimmelfarb:
Old DocChuck still trying to impress internets strangers. What a sad dude. Doc lives in a rented townhouse, drives an economy car and couldn’t afford a picture of a hotel in SD.
DocChuKKK your wife really does have a ample bossom. That tends to happen when you are an old fat whitelady. Look for yourself MidtownLunch’rs:
Slappy Shimmelgarb:
Nice shot Hampster! See how he labels pictures of his wife “Dr. E” despite fact she is actually a nurse? Sad, sad, sad.
She’s not a nurse, she’s a laser hair removal specialist!!
She also has more chins than a Chinese telephone book
The demonstrative comments by Meghan Baxter are ONE of the reasons my wife and I will NOT eat in a restaurant. The  otther TWO reasons are low quality/high prices, AND very questionable sanitation standards at every level of the restaurant process, INCLUING server’s personal hygiene.  We  never have to worry about “splitting the bill” when cooking and serving gourmet meals at home.
DocChuck and Liz, LPN
DocChuck’s wife:
and as long as DocChuck remembers to regularly change the duct tape that he uses to strap his overflowing catheter bag to his leg, we won’t be thrown out of our beloved Applebees for causing them some sanitation issues. On a related note, we are no longer welcome at the local TGIFridays since the day DocChuck decided to take his blow-up doll (who he calls “Elizabeth”, and sometimes “Momma”, if such things excite you) to dinner with him on a night when I was unavailable due to an emergency dog hair removal issue. I don’t understand their concern, as she was dressed as a catholic nun, a very respectable profession.
My dearest “Hamsterdance”:
Yes, indeed, that is my lovely wife, Liz. I call her simply “E.”  As you can tell, she is much younger than me. Ours is a lively May-December relationship, if you must ask.   In that photo (which I took) Liz is enjoying a traditional cheese quasadilla with extra guacamole and sour cream.   I had beef, of course, and a snifter of cognac.  Please read my review of the restaurant here:
I am glad you find "E" as voluptuous and charming as I do!
~~Chuck, PhD
DocChuck's blow-up doll:
What’s REALLY lively is when all the congealed sweat normally held deep in the many rolling pockets of fat on DocChuck’s wife start flying around like a rancid, sticky typhoon when she gets naked and does the gstring dance. Think “wet junkyard dog shakin himself out after a romp in a cesspool” only a dozen times worse. Sadly, I cannot close my eyes, nose, or O-shaped mouth when this happens.
Mrs. CockChug needs to lay off the cheese, guac, sour cream, nachos, fritos, doritos and every other high-fat, high-carb food under the sun. In fact, she should be on a water diet. You too, Cocky. Both of you porkers need to stop putting things in your mouth.
DocChuck’s blow-up doll:
Could you convince him to stop putting things in MY mouth…and other regions, as well?
In real life, “DocChuck’s” wife Elizabeth is a prison nurse.
See here:
Charles R.:
Why would the docs wife be working as a prison nurse when she graduated from medical school?
Oh docchuck…what a tangled web…
She never went to medical school, silly. Doc (Charles Treuter) made that up.
If you look at the Maryland Board of Nursing (here:, you’ll see she’s an RN.
She was a nurse in a prison in Arkansas before this.
99% of what Doc writes is fictional bullcrap, if that excites you.
Doc made up that nauseating fictional MySpace profile of his wife, too.
This is what she really looks like:
Charles R.:
Are you sure he makes things up? When I knew Charlie back when we were cell mates in prison in Arkansas ( other than his disdain for The Baxter Bulletin, and the First Federal Savings and Loan he seemed like a pretty stable guy.
Forget that old Covenantnews archive. It’s only a brief summary.
Get the fuller story of Chuck’s diseased mind here (scroll to the “I don’t own the dog” post):
Charles R.:
Very interesting! What a sad little man the old doc really is.
DocChuck, the bottom line is:
Rudy McBagel:
they both look like pittbulls chewing a wasp
Sly Raccoon:
If Docchucks such a fraud where does he get his money from? Like for that butt ugly car he bought his nurse-wife.
Yo, Sly Raccoon (interestingly enough the "Doc"/Charles Richard Treuter refers to himself as a smug raccoon...isn't it, especially since Charles Treuter is so prolific at creating new "identities" [fraudulent ones] everywhere he goes on the Internet - but hey, Charles, I mean Sly, let's set that aside for the moment) you may find the answer to your question in:
1.) Questioning if he really bought that "vehicle" for Dr. Elizabeth Treuter, M.D. (world renown neurologist) inasmuch as he's posted no photos of her in the car or driving it or having it parked at their rented apartment...could it be a photo of someone else's Jaguar?...a cut and paste job from the internet as are so many of his "travel" photos and "cooking photos"?...another of his bullshit claims and outright lies?
2.) Read through the following blog page: and paying particular attention to Charles Richard Treuter's/Daddy Warbucks' November 9, 2009 email sent to his brothers, Kenneth and Douglas Treuter, at 202 PM on that Monday.
Good reading to you! I'd think you might want to really peruse through all the pages of that site in order to determine if Charles R. Treuter/DocChuck, et. al. is indeed the FRAUD that he is indeed.

Dear Readers, please stay tuned - there's much more to come. Like the saying goes, "The opera ain't over until the fat lady sings" and thus far The_Ferret hasn't yet detected so much as some slight humming coming from her...however, The_Ferret's investigation has certainly located and put the spotlight on the F A T "lady" in Charles Treuter's farcical opera.