Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Continuation Of Busting Charles Richard Treuter's Innuendos and Outright Lies

The "Doc"/Charles Richard Treuter is spinning in the wind from having read this blog and is now spinning his My Space Page's blog originally posted on Sunday, April 25, 2010 and has EDITED it because of his having been BUSTED in detail with the above Blog post.

Charles Treuter knows he is facing a lawsuit for libel and defamation which awaits being filed against him for what he has knowingly, willingly, intentionally, and with reckless disregard and gross negligence posted on the World-Wide-Web (each post has been copied and filed to be used as evidence) wanting and/or desiring to defame both Kenneth W. Treuter and his wife. None of his libelous/defaming statements have been posted as mere opinion but as fact(s) when he had to have known and/or should have known (he claims he has investigators working for him to build a file for his "lawyers" with respect to Kenneth W. Treuter and his wife) that such statements were baseless and were, in fact, lies.

You've read the original post before the "Doc" began to doctor/spin it. And it was posted here and rebutted/BUSTED so, hoping to somehow lessen the impact of the aforesaid posts which have been read and were never deleted or edited/modified, Charles Richard Treuter (as well as DocChuck and his many handles/aliases) is now attempting to worm out of what he knows he has done and the harm he has caused. It won't work! And at best what the loose cannon known as Charles Richard Treuter (and his aka's) is now attempting to do is known as self-serving and too little, too late.

As an example, for Charles Treuter to now refer to Kenneth W. Treuter's wife as lovely (while still purposely not using her actual name, the only one she has ever used or been known by) instead of a Mexican WHORE (with an anchor baby) who SHOT Kenneth Treuter simply won't work). Again, he is herein BUSTED. Kenneth Treuter's wife was never a whore, is fully a citizen of the United States of America, never had an "anchor baby", never illegally immigrated to the United States (actually, she came to United States as a special congressional interest case fully sponsored by then United States Congressman George Herbert Walker Bush - review her "immigration" file...yes, the same George H.W. Bush who later served as the 41st President of the United States).

Perhaps DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter really does need to seriously consider hiring a better private investigation agency/company than the hacks he has supposedly hired. Obviously, they are no more capable, able, or worth their fee than Charles Richard Treuter's D.C. Jewish hounds/lawyers...being paid by Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter (the nurse) - according to Charles Richard Treuter's words (for whatever they're worth...not much!)

Charles Richard Treuter now writes/blogs: Interestingly, the Dallas authorities refused to prosecute Ms. Radke for shooting KWT (some accounts report that he was shot THREE times or more). BUSTED: An outright lie! Ms. Radke's having the case against her dismissed by Kenneth W. Treuter out of sympathy for her illicit drug habits included amongst other requirements that she leave the State of Texas and remain gone. If she should return or have any contact with Kenneth Treuter she would have the case (along with a DWI charge and a felony firearm violation charge) reinstated and prosecuted.

Once again, the "Doc" is long on disinformation, misinformation, lack of facts, lies, innuendo, ignorance, and spewing but short on anything resembling the truth or reality. One can rightly wonder if the "Doc" also has a "doctorate"/PhD in spinning tales birthed within his vivid imagination - as twisted as it is.

Charles Richard Treuter's imagination led him to write: Despite his marriage to the lovely Maria (and her baby from mexico), he impregnated his former female partner, Teresa Radke, then REFUSED to contribute to the pregnancy expenses or to the support of the love-child. BUSTED: Not only a complete and blatant lie it is meritless and wholly baseless, libelous, and easily debunked by both the State of Texas and State of Arkansas court records...what the hell are those Jewish hounds/lawyers and that "P.I. Agency" smoking?, pot? cocaine? magic mushrooms? or all three?, LOL! Yeah, real legal professionals.

Kenneth W. Treuter's academic degrees have one and all been awarded by fully licensed and accredited universities. Further his degrees were earned and not fabricated out of his imagination...the same most certainly can't be truthfully said of Charles Richard Treuter's claimed PhD in Psychology or his wife's Medical Degree.  Update:  Charles Richard Treuter can't decide if he wants to refer to Kenneth's degrees as on-line or mail order degrees in hopes of denigrating them, so he keeps changing his reference to them.  Were he not the moron that he is he'd know (along with Al Gore that Al Gore DID NOT INVENT THE INTERNET and that Ambassador College was a residence college/university with campuses in California, Texas, and England.  LaSalle Extension University was a fully accredited distance learning university and was also fully licensed as well as accredited.  Further, the school operated since the early 1900s until its demise in 2000.  Further still, the Internet didn't exist in the '60s or '70s...geeze what an imbecile!)

While backpedaling from his previous absurd attempts to discredit Kenneth W. Treuter, the mentally deranged DocChuck has now changed his previous statement that Kenneth W. Treuter sold his P.I. Agency (which employed an office staff and field investigative staff totaling seventeen employees when Kenneth W. Treuter retired his license after the agency had been in business for well over a decade) from $250.00 to: "After being stripped of his license [a libelous and actionable lie] by the State of Texas, COLONEL Kenneth Wayne Treuter, Esquire, was forced to sell FIST to anyone who would take it, and one Jim Olsen agreed to pay the Colonel $2.5 million for the 'agency' [did a little more research, did he?, good, he needs to do a great deal more!]: http://www.ferretinvestigations.com/inquire.html".

Again, the reader is invited to stayed tuned for more BUSTING of Charles Richard Treuter's rants and raves and libelous lies. This investigator will keep it coming and you can bet on the fact that this investigator will Keep It Real, "Doc"!