Sunday, April 25, 2010

"DocChuck" Googled

Goggle the Internet Alias of DocChuck and you'll quickly find an Open Letter written to him by another individual (a food blogger) at:

One can certainly tell that Ms. Natalie Sztern is one lady who doesn't think highly of DocChuck (Charles Richard Treuter) and his bullshit claims about himself. Obviously Ms. Sztern felt it necessary to take him to task and to somewhat expose him for what he is although she evidently didn't know who he is. But it's interesting to notice how accurate is her assessment of him as a sociopath and an abuser of women, including his now deceased mother who complained of his physical assaults upon her.

The following are some basic facts about "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter which have been taken from the dossier which was created by The_Ferret during his investigative work with respect to the psychotic individual:

Full Name: Charles Richard Treuter.
Date of Birth: May 19, 1942.
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas.
Mother's Name: Nellie Vernon (Gatewood) Treuter.
Father's Name: Richard Oscar Treuter.
Maternal Grandparents: James and Jessie Gatewood.
Paternal Grandparents: Anna and Oscar Treuter (Oscar, also a sociopath, not unlike "DocChuck", committed suicide by blowing his own brains out after throwing a temper tantrum...a trait and serious character flaw shared by both Oscar Treuter and Charles Treuter).
First Wife: Barbara Kreig of Houston, Texas. Mother to Charles Richard Treuter's son, Charles Robert Treuter, who is believed to be possibly residing somewhere in or about Albany, New York.
Second Wife: Lily. Mother to Charles Richard Treuter's only daughter, Shannon who is believed to perhaps still be residing in or near Clearwater, Florida.
Third Wife: Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter who was originally from Houston, Texas. "DocChuck" was shacked up with her for years until she, a religious Mormon, finally gave in to his berating her to marry him as a cover for him. Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter is nurse who works in Correctional Institutes (think about that one and her relationship with the likes of "DocChuck". He knows all about being confined in such places, lol.)
Subject's Email Address:
Previous Locations Wherein Subject has Resided for Short Periods of Time Until "Forced by Varying 'Circumstances'" to Move On: Houston, Texas; Troy, Michigan; Springfield, Indiana; Syracuse, New York; Cincinnati, Ohio; Mt. Home, Arkansas.

Goggling "DocChuck" will lead the reader to many food site blogs which he crashed and was later banned from because of his insane rants and raves as well a his bigotry, racism, violent nature, criminal background/convictions, obnoxious personality, outrageous lies, and over-the-top bullshit.