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Charles Richard Treuter's Stolen Valor Exposed

A hard-hitting and thorough exposé which Charles Richard Treuter had hoped would never be made and especially not posted on the World Wide Web.  He thought his true identity couldn't (i.e., hopefully wouldn’t) ever be discovered and when it was he worried that someone might discover the following facts about him but he had hoped no one would take enough of an interest to investigate the matter of his fraudulent/phony/farcical/fake claims (pathological LIES) about serving this country through military service in the United States of America’s Army.  He never saw such an  exposé coming his way but now it has and the truth about the matter is out of the bag and out in the open for all to read and reflect upon.

What a scumbag Charles Richard Treuter has proven himself to be.


Heroes or Villains?

Treuter, Charles Richard02/2011.Exposing DocChuck: Charles Richard Treuter's Stolen Valor Exposed
Charles may take comfort in the fact that as of August, 2010 -- A federal appeals court ruled earlier this month that the Stolen Valor Act passed by ...



Charles Richard Treuter (born May 19, 1942) has previously been exposed as:
  • An Internet Troll
  • A Pathological Liar
  • Phony,
  • A Fraud, 
  • A Racist, 
  • An Anti-Semite, 
  • A Fake,
  • A Convicted Felon,
  • A Thief, 
  • A Failure, 
  • A Disinherited First-Born Son, One Who Was Disavowed, Denounced, And Disowned By His Now Deceased Mother, Nellie Vernon Treuter,
  • A Sociopath, Who Suffers From A 50-Year-Old Case Of Untreated Syphilis, 
  • A Delusional Dolt That Is Also A Pathetic Ne'er Do Well Who Was Fired From Every Job He Ever Had (ALL Of Which Were In Retailing And None Of Which Were Ever In Academia As He Has Claimed), 
  • A Man Who Has Been Married Three Times And Divorced By His First Two Wives (He Is Now Married To Elizabeth Ann [Jarvis] Treuter, An Obese Moonbat, Mormon Bedpan Changer Who Pretends She Has Degrees She Does Not Possess, Including A Ph.D. From John Hopkins University - She Was Recently Fired From Correctional Medical Services Where She Was Employed As A Bedpan Changer "Nurse" In A Maryland State Prison),
  • A Former Member Of An Arkansas Branch Of The Ku-Klux-Klan,
  • An Apartment Dweller In A Cramped, Old, Poorly Managed And Poorly Maintained Columbia, Maryland Complex, AND
  • An Admitted Homosexual, Who, For Some Reason, Thought It Important To Post The Fact On A Food Blog Site.
Now, on President's Day, 2011, this paid commissioned licensed private investigator exposes Charles Richard Treuter for being a pathetic and egregious member of the "Hall Of Shame" individuals who have chosen to LIE about having served in the United States Military when in fact they never did, having rose to ranks which they never did, having earned medals of valor they never earned, and proving themselves to be sicko draft dodgers who were too chicken-shit and cowardly to serve their country in times of war. 

Below are two photographs of Charles Richard Treuter, a short and obese internet troll who is also a miserable loser that dared to falsely claim service to the United States through military service.  The truth is that he is, as a matter of documented fact, actually one of the Vietnam War era's draft dodgers.  Charles Richard Treuter did his draft-dodging after his graduating from Houston, Texas' Reagan High School in 1960.

Note The Camo Pants The Obese Troll (Charles Richard Treuter) Purchased From Wal-Mart.
One Might Wonder If He Wears Those Pants Hoping To Convince Others That At Some Point
 He Was A Member Of  The United States Military - He Never Was. 
 However, Charles Richard Treuter Has Certainly Earned Himself A Place Amongst Those Members Of 
 The Hall Of Shame For Stolen Valor

Photo Posted At And Borrowed From TheCharlie "no balls" Treuter Blogsite 
Appropriately Captioned

(Charles and Elizabeth Treuter hate that site and vowed they would have it shut down).  Go figure!
  On July 27, 2010, Charles pretending to be Elizabeth visited the blogsite and posted:
" You need not bother responding to this post, which is the LAST communication you will receive BEFORE we have this "website" shut down...ROFLMAO...DOCTOR E, M.D. Johns Hopkins University".
Nonethless, like all of Charles' and Elizabeth's empty threats they haven't had the site shut down and to this day it continues to remain up and running and in tact doing the stated job for which it was created. 

Although Charles Richard Treuter has repeatedly claimed he served four years in the United States Military in his posts on numerous blogs, below is one of those claims which was quickly debunked by a Blogsite owner:

Charles Richard Treuter/DocChuck's posting wherein he attempts to spin his way out of being challenged about his phony and made up past: "Well, Sir, when you are 68 years old, and if you worked for a company for 25 of those years that moved you every year or so to a new 'project', you too would have 'lived' in a LOT of states.     Some may consider that "GOOD", but many folks, perhaps such as youself, may not be able to handle it.     However, in an attempt to satisfy your obvious curiosity, I was born and raised in TEXAS.  After graduation from college, and after spending 4 years in government service, I was recruited by the Kmart Corporation and sent on a mission to establish (open and staff) new stores in all corners of the USA.  After 25 years, I retired, returned to University life, earned an Ed.D. (University of Houston) then a Ph.D. (University of Texas) and then proceeded to teach at universities in Texas, Arkansas, Alaska, and Nassau (Bahamas).     During that time, I met and married a wonderful lady 15 years my junior who is an APN and who holds a Ph.D. in Nursing.  After 'retiring'  6 years ago,  I now follow my wife as her company moves her around the country setting up contracts with various states (Arkansas, New Jersey, Maryland, and now perhaps Arizona) to handle the medical care in the various State's Correctional Facilities (prisons in layman language).

Does that satisfy your curiosity?  You can easily 'Google'  the facts should you need to allay your concerns.  Some people lead VERY BUSY LIVES  .  I happen to be one of those types of people  . My wife and I NEVER let moss grow under our posteriors, so to speak.

And, finally, NO, I have not lived in "all 57 states" as you put it ---- BUT, I am working on it, and will try to keep you informed of my progress.  If you have any further questions, I will attempt to address them. "

Web/Blog Site Owner's Response: Kind of strange that your resume says you did all the Higher Ed back in the 60's and early 70's. That would make you about 100 years old by now... I think your fake life-history is giving you away. You are no longer welcome on this site.   
Hasta La Vista, TROLL. 

Another fraudulent claim made on Charles Richard Treuter's hate blog wherein he stated:

"Yes, Rush Limbaugh, just like Kenneth Wayne Treuter -- BOTH COWARDS -- dodged the Viet Nam draft, while REAL MEN such as myself served bravely to protect their country's interests.  I honorably served in the United States Army for four years and left the service with the rank of Captain.  My other brother, Douglas Vernon Treuter, who served in the United States Air Force during the Viet Nam campaign and I both saw combat in Viet Nam; however, I was the one who  was awarded two medals for valor (The Army's Bronze and Silver Stars)."


Charles Richard Treuter's fraudulent claims to service in the United States Military (he claimed his "years of  service" were with the U.S. Army but I went on to check each branch of the military, including the National Guard/Reserve so he couldn't come back and, like U.S. Senate Democrat candidate Richard Blumenthal, attempt to wiggle out of his pathetic lie by saying he misspoke) were entirely debunked with documents received from each branch of the nation's military.

When I consulted with a retired FBI agent, Thomas Cottone, who used to investigate military impostors for the agency, I learned that, according to Cottone, those who lie about military service do it because “They all want to be recognized. They need that ego boost.”

Cottone, who retired in 2007, said his caseload of military impostors roughly doubled after the Sept. 11 attacks as reverence for military service intensified.  “Some of it is guilt,” he said. “They regretted they didn’t serve in Vietnam. They just felt they missed that opportunity to be a warrior.”

Consulting with Christian Appy, a history professor at the University of Massachusetts who has written extensively on the Vietnam War, I learned that many men remain convinced the Vietnam war was unjust and have no regrets about avoiding service.
“But certainly some portion of the Vietnam generation feels they missed out on some primal vital male testing experience,” Appy said. “They feel like they missed out on an adventurous exciting heroic moment that would test them.”
In my official capacity and commissioned efforts to expose the truth about Charles Richard Treuter's claims to military service, rank, and awards I did what any researcher or investigator is free to do.  I requested, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  I made my requests to The National Personnel Records Center which responds to over 1.4 million requests annually for copies of military personnel service records.  Using the government provided Standard Form 180 (Rev. 10/10) procured at: 
I simply made my request for any and all documentation which would either establish that Charles Richard Treuter (DOB: 05/19/1942, Birthplace: Houston, Texas) had or had not served in the United States Military, had been drafted into service, had voluntarily enlisted, had been honorably discharged after X number of days, weeks, months and/or years of service, had obtained a ranking within any branch of the service.
I then waited for the results, exchanged some additional communications with the agency, and then received the documents I had sought.  The result of my then thorough review of those official government documents was the only rational conclusion which could be made:  it was unequivocally established that any and all claims made by Charles Richard Treuter with respect to serving in the United States Military (and any branch thereof) were completely false and that his claims were/are one and all LIES.  Additionally the government provided documents which establish that he was never, ever drafted into military service and never volunteered for military service and never enlisted into military service and never, ever served the United States Of America government/peoples through military service.

Charles Richard Treuter, a known pathological liar, is
 once again BUSTED!



This is an issue that has been with us always, going all the way back to the Revolution. It was especially prevalent after the Civil War.

The primary reason why it seems to happen so often these days is the fact that we have narrowed the list of whom we will accept in the US Military. At one time almost ANYONE could get in - this was made necessary because of the Draft - and there was absolutely no reason why someone had to have an advanced education in order to qualify for service. In those days, almost ALL jobs found in the service were performed by persons in Uniform, and we actually had an MOS for those who otherwise would not qualify educationally for service [00B00 Duty Soldier]. They would do the various chores that we now give to persons on Medical Hold, or on Casual Status, or they would be the Unit Orderly who would take care of all the little things that often slip through the cracks today, or they would act as Enlisted Aid to Commanders, and would hold rank commensurate with the rank of the Commander they worked for. Now-a-days, we have Enlisted ranks that can no longer be reached without a College Degree, and some even require both a College Degree AND continuing education towards a Graduate Degree. You can't even get in without a High School Diploma.

Another reason - commensurate with the first - is that it has always been true that certain civilian jobs - especially politics - are awarded with preference to those who have military status behind them, especially during a war. Now, with our limited ability to get into the Military, that preference has turned into a "Sword of Damocles", meaning that being able to say "Yes, I served in the Military, and it was during wartime, too"; can add millions of votes to one's election effort.

The irony is that we knowingly have minimized our political pool because of this very issue, on the one hand, and have made that fact totally irrelevant in the larger world, on the other. And yet, we still stigmatize people who run afoul of this ironic fact.

“Man is a clever animal who behaves like an imbecile.”

Albert Schweitzer

And gentlemen [at home] now [in] bed

Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,

And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks

That fought with us...
-King Henry the Fifth
From Henry V, Act 4, Scene 3
William Shakespeare, 1599

400 plus years ago, Shakespeare hit the proverbial nail on the head: Anyone who stayed home while there was a war to fight should feel like a wuss. Nobody likes to feel like a wuss.

Not since WWII has our military been on such a patriotic roll. This is enhanced due to the non-existent draft. To use an old adage "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". When you are at the top of the heap everyone who could not obtain that lofty position wants to be, or wishes at least that they were part of the movement.

Patriotism is contagious, and in the past twenty years has been tended and nurtured back into the American way. We all applaud this transition, especially those who returned home after a second place finish, to a second place reception.  Now a US military person can enter any establishment and be greeted with warmth and friendship, even to handshakes and backslaps from those who did not themselves receive it.  The same holds true of entering blogs so as to post comments, chat rooms etc.  And as Charles Richard Treuter himself has recognized and then applied to both himself and his wife so as to enjoy posting self aggrandizing (although completely false and fraudulent) claims about their past and present he has openly stated, in his own words, "But then, on the internet, one can be anything one wants to be". (see -

The Charlie "no balls" Treuter blog was created by another blogger who stated that the goal of the blogsite is: This site will be available to respond to his nonsense, and as Chuck promises, will be a home to information that will expose this loser for what he really is.

Those in the past who would have torn down the US service personnel for the limelight are now forced to lie about their personal happenstance to others looking for that same self gratification that was earned by others which would be stolen by these pretenders.

US service personnel (active or reserve or retired) know and quickly detect or recognize a vast difference of character forged from the extreme camaraderie demanded by the service to survive. No outsider that has missed that experience can last long without proving to those around they are a pretender. Sometimes its just better to let it pass, other times do require an action. We have all met or seen or heard these pretenders, they are as obvious as the nub just out of boot with 4 rows of campaign ribbons and gold dolphins adorning his chest. Everyone wants to be a winner. Some just believe they can be one through words instead of deeds.

I have learned over the years to trust my gut, if someone doesn't seem exactly right, they usually are not. How much I pursue the feeling is normally directly proportionate to the amount of irritation I feel. Ask Democrat John Kerry what being a non-hero did for his career. Throw down that gauntlet and you had better be ready to back your statements up.


Charles Richard Treuter's Egregious LIE:

“…I was too busy earning my United States Army ranking of ‘Captain’. I was too busy being an American…”

Recently an activist/socialistic federal judge, who needs to be impeached, has stated that it's not unlawful for losers like Charles Richard Treuter to LIE about military service and valor and has attempted to overturn federal laws which forbid:

“Claiming to have served in the United States Armed Forces,  a Reserve Component thereof, or the National Guard; or

Claiming he served in the military during a wartime era, whether or not there was a declared war, or makes ANY misrepresentation of actual military service.”

Even if this sociopathic fraud (DocChuck who in actuality is known as Charles Richard Treuter who was born in Houston, Texas on  May 19, 1942 to Richard Oscar and Nellie Vernon Treuter) cannot be criminally prosecuted for what indeed should be a crime (stolen valor) this investigator has now certainly exposed him for the pathological liar that he is.  How shameful it is that this coward who ducked military service during the Vietnam War to claim that  he “earned” or “rose” up through the military's ranks and reached the level of “Captain” in the Army, especially during a time when the United States Military was involved in war in order to defend the government of South Viet Nam from the communist regime of North Viet Nam -making his fraudulent claim all the more egregious. 

Charles Richard Treuter has crossed the lines of decency, morality, and the rule of law this latest act of self-aggrandizement, i.e., LIE.

Charles may think to take comfort in the fact that as of August, 2010 -- A federal appeals court ruled earlier this month that the Stolen Valor Act passed by Congress in 2006 which made it illegal to make a false claim about receiving a military honor or decoration or having served in the military when one didn't is unconstitutional.   However, what should very much concern him is that 65% of Americans STILL favor a law that criminalizes false claims about military service, military honors, and/or military awards and ranks.  Therefore, he still has reason to worry because it just may be that before he dies his false claims to military service and rank will come back to bite him on his obese ass.  Also, it would certainly make sense for him to be quite concerned and perhaps a bit worried about a real veteran of the military deciding to physically confronting him about his lowlife claims and attempts at stealing the valor of those who did in fact and indeed selflessly serve this nation and its peoples and their combined interests (some at the expense of limb and life). 

It's certainly not difficult to understand why Charles Richard Treuter serves as the Treuter family's/ancestry's poster boy for being the "black sheep" of the family tree.

UPDATE: Wednesday, February 23, 2011:
Charles and Elizabeth Treuter have now deleted their The DocChucks' Thought Blog.  Why would that be?  Well, the answer is an easy one to understand.  They had posted this exposure on their blog (perhaps thinking it would distract readers of my investigative report and/or perhaps thinking it might draw sympathetic impostors to post supportive comments) and it drew nearly 500 readers the first day it was posted and distributed and no one expressed support for Charles.  No, just the opposite.  I won't take up the space which would be required in order to post all the comments readers left for the two frauds, mostly for Charles Richard Treuter with respect to his egregious lies about having served in the United States military which we now know beyond any doubt never happened.  He never served so much as a nanosecond in any branch or related reserve unit of the United States Military.

Following are a few of the 1116 (the number posted before Charles Richard Treuter and Elizabeth Ann [Jarvis] Treuter closed their Blog account and deleted all the posts they had made pithy, very insightful, and astute comments which, like Shakespeare's observation:

·   The_Ferret  Yeah, right, Charles and Elizabeth! I am well acquainted with your propensity to spew threats which you are completely impotent to make good on. Remember your threat to me to make me famous (in a bad way)? Well, I'll just respond to this threat by borrowing from your brothers' responses to your threats to them: BRING IT ON! LOL. Have a nice day, DocChucks.
·   bohaney   Jim, I want to be the first to congratulate you and to THANK YOU for the very fine job you have done in exposing this sack of shit, Charles Richard Treuter, as the impostor he is. Now granted, he has lied about everything related to his life-history claims but his claiming to have served along with our brave men and women military personnel is lower than low. This fraud makes pond scum look good. Put my name at the top of the list of those who love seeing him spotlighted for the fraud that he is. What an EPIC FAILURE.
·   LGT2010   What a friggin' FOOL you are, Charles. I told you that you needed to STFU. You should have heeded my advice. Now the whole world knows how sick, pitiful, pathetic and worthless you are.
·   TexasBob   As a proud U.S. Marine, I'm seriously thinking I may just make a trip to that hell hole your residing in, Charles Richard Treuter, knock on your apartment door, and when you open it I'll open up a big ol' can of WHOOP YOUR WORTHLESS ASS on you, you lowlife piece of shit.
·   Anonymous_Donor   Count me amongst those who have been looking forward to this information being made public. I didn't doubt for a moment that Charles Richard Treuter had lied about his supposedly serving in the U.S. Military or in Viet Nam or rising to the rank of Captain in the Army or its Reserves but I wanted to see it in print. Now there can be no doubt about what a FRAUD and a LIAR he is. And no matter the spin he puts on it (it will be laughable if he claims his records were lost or destroyed or sealed because of some National Security Concern or other bullshit) the truth about his LIE will remain and prevail.

Charles, I received an email which provided me to the necessary link for me to read the investigator's report. However, when I learned you had posted the same information here I had to get here to add my comment. You know something, you really are a DUMBASS. Just saying...
·   jackknife   Writing as someone who did IN FACT honorably serve in the military, I think everyone else who did as well owes it to Charles and Elizabeth Treuter to pay them a personal visit, lol. Those wishing to do so will find the two frauds holed up at 5633 Columbia Road, Apt. 102, Columbia, MD. 21044. If such a visit is inconvenient then perhaps a phone call to them at Phone: 410-245-4731 or an email sent to them at or Inasmuch as Charles and Elizabeth insist that all the emails they receive are automatically forwarded (unread, yeah, right on!) to the Maryland State Police who are cataloging them then I hope they enjoy reading the comments the two frauds receive. Let's make sure they hear from us patriots who don't suffer the likes of Charles Richard Treuter and his attempt at stealing the valor of our brave combatants (past, present and future). Worthless asswipe that he is.
·   DVT_DALLAS   Well, brother Charles, so much for that military service claim you added to             your trolling gig. Anyone out there that believes anything this pathetic loser has claimed to be true? Charles and Elizabeth Treuter are two names which are synonymous with the word LIARS.
·   Cheryl2855   I'm sorry to tell you this, Charles and Elizabeth, but my husband and I are having a rip-roaring good time laughing at this latest exposure of your over-the-top BS boastings. I suppose my posting this comment will mean we won't be welcomed to come inside your apartment ever again but we'll learn to deal with it. Remember we moved away after buying a real home and getting out of that rat-hole of a complex.

Charles did this to himself. He should have never made the phony claim to military service and when his brother told him in advance that he was going to have him exposed then Charles should have deleted all of the claims before they could be posted against him.

I, for one, would never want that investigator to be hired to look into my background and I've never made the ridiculous claims you two have made. Oh well, what can one say?
·   WDRoberts   Not looking good for you, DocChucks. Perhaps you should FUCK YOURSELVES, eh?
·   shortstack    Charles telling everyone to go fuck themselves, one and all, is mighty big talk from a little and fat troll who is an ex-con who can't even own a gun, much less use one. You're the kind of dipshit who couldn't fight his way out of a wrapping of wet toilet paper. You also have a filthy mouth.  It's no wonder that your mother disavowed any further relationship with you, denounced you for your insanities, denied your fat-assed Mormon wingnut wife down for a "loan" so she could pay for a divorce from you, and disinherited you (smart and sweet!).
·   EdL   I have to tell you, Chuck, you are one disgusting POS and sad excuse for a so-called human existence. And to think that you emailed me wondering why I banned you from my Blog. And you hadn't even made such a sick claim as this one back when you were trolling at my Blog. Get some professional help. Seriously, you need it.
·   WDRoberts   I am a long time observer of Charles and Elizabeth Treuter's trolling and bullshit boastings. Now that both are stripped of any believability whatsoever I'd suggest the two find rocks under which they can slither and hide. Those will have to be very large rocks seeing how obese the two Internet Trolls/Bullshit Artists are.
·   AllenWhitlock   For the longest I've quietly surmised that Charles Richard Treuter is white trash. Now my surmising has been completely confirmed. To the extent that Elizabeth Ann Treuter is a part of his years of trolling and bullshitting those he has attempted to impress I am comfortable in presuming she is also white trash. Both seem to be very sad examples of FAILED!!
·   dingobear   Mr. Treuter can be prosecuted for this if it is false. I do not know him personally, so I won't comment on him. However, being a veteran, I know that if he were reported to the authorities, and his claims were false, he could be fined or face jail time. Just thought you should be aware of this.
·   shortstack   It does my heart good to see a scumbag like this Charles Treuter sucker exposed for the worthless fake that he is. I hope some former Viet Nam vet who lost a buddy or two over there meets up with "DocChuck" and afterwards leaves him with the words: "Doctor, heal thyself."
·   RLBurke   What a sad, little and empty "man" this Charles Treuter is. Claiming to have served in the Military and in combat to serve this country when he never did any such thing. So shameful. So disgraceful. So outrageously gutless and immoral. Anyone else think that he left his syphilis untreated so he could use it as the means of dodging the draft?
·   fisterman   What morons these so-called DocChucks are to have posted this blog. WTF, Chuck?
·  soldiersdad  Shame on Charles Richard Treuter. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! Ya know something Mr. Treuter? It's people like you that really piss people like me off. To the showers, you lying mutha smuck. Maybe one day the feds will wise the "chuck" up and give people like you a long tour in the Correctional Barracks at LeavenworthBetter yet, a barracks party might be in order...frahkin' jackass!
·   JennyE   Pull up your big girl panties, Charles Richard Treuter, and take it like the homo you say you are. You're busted and nothing will change that. Your little house of cards has been toppled and now you don't know whether to sh*t or go blind. And your only response is: "F**K ALL OF YOU, EVERYONE [sic] OF YOU!?"

Chuck, you should have thought about what would happen when you got caught in your LIES, okay? And on second thought, perhaps you shouldn't have made this Blog which drew attention to your serious lie about having served in the military? People tolerate most things but not stealing someone else's honor and valor. That's just sick!!!!!!!! And IMHO you are lower than pond scum.
·   surfrat  You've claimed for yourself four years of military service? You've lied about being a Viet Nam combatant? You said you left the U.S. Army as Captain Charles Treuter? Why would you stoop so frickin' low? What's wrong with you, LOSER? I hope you burn in Hell.
·   neospecs  Here is my read on all this. Charles and Elizabeth are obese haters. Probably hate each other but are stuck for the time with each other. Both have failed at their pursuits and therefore both have very low self images and no self esteem to speak of. Both have tried their best to force others to accept them and then went on to do their damnest to make others think they are impressive and special. Charles saw their game and trolling was a complete washout so he comes up with this military service bullshit hoping to establish in the minds of others that he deserves their respect and that he should somehow be dignified as an accomplished something or another. Great cook? Member of academia? Part of intelligentsia? Two sophisticated and worldly elites? They've tried to make people think they are financially independent and savvy and clever. As it turns out when the DocChucks charade failed and they were exposed for who they really are and how they subsist as lowly apartment dwellers with limited funds and nothing to show for whatever earnings they had in the past they grew angry, especially at the one brother who relentlessly exposed them as the frauds they are.

The fact that Charles has one brother who did serve in the military and did combat in Viet Nam while Charles hid out and dodged military service he tried to use that brother's honor and respectability and valor and pretend it belonged to him. Isn't that really what Charles is all about? Pretending what belongs to others, even inheritances, somehow and someway should really be his so he demands a share and when he can't get it through threats he tries to tear down others to make himself seem acceptable and important. I've seen it in others throughout my time on earth but I don't think I've ever know anyone as eaten up with jealousy, paranoia, depression, and self loathing as I've seen it in these two losers. That explains a whole, whole lot about their being obese and obnoxious as well as possessed by hatred and fear of others seeing them for what they really are.

Like I said, that's my read on Charles and Elizabeth Treuter and all their bullshit. Others may see it differently but thus far I haven’t read anyone’s comment that does.

Hitting The Proverbial Nail On The Head:

BOLO - Phony "Veteran", "Doctor" and Convicted Felon - BOLO 23 Feb 2011, 6:32 pm

Via POW Network word is received concerning one Charles Richard Treuter is quite a busy *critter* passing himself off as veteran(no service record), a doctor(no degree's or education as such on record) and has a very real problem with a private investigator code name The_Ferret is on his tail like a heat seeking missile. Ha! Now it's really gonna suck to be you Charles Richard Treuter.