Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dr. Warbuks/Charles Richard Treuter Emails

Beginning in or about September, 2009 Charles Richard Treuter, using two different email addresses begin stalking, harassing, and threatening his two brothers. He did the same using his cellphone. Some, certainly not all, of said emails have been copy from The_Ferret's investigative file regarding Charles Richard Treuter, and are posted below. Yes, they're vile and threatening but they are also very revealing about the psychotic nature of said subject. The telephone calls were electronically recorded and are preserved as evidence.


Doctor Charles R. Treuter
Concerning our pending legal problem
From: Charles Treuter
Date: Fri, Sep 25, 2009 6:26 pm
To: Kenneth and his wife Maria
Date: Friday, September 25, 2009

RE: Our phone conversation, dated and recorded on 9/25/2009
Thank you for your threatening messages to “Blow my head off.” Those threats x 4 have been duly recorded and reported to the authorities here in Columbia, Maryland, in Houston, Texas, in Dallas, Texas, and to other appropriate agencies.

Reply:  Good that you recorded them making a record of the fact that if you do as you have threatened in your phone calls (all recorded) to go bursting into Kenneth's house or Douglas' house I'm betting that Kenneth and/or Doug will, without hesitation or a second thought, blow your frickin' head off... and if your wife accompanies you then her head will also be blown off.  Any part of that you don't understand?

Permit me to inform you that I have a list (in Mother’s handwriting) of items that your wife Maria reportedly stole from her, starting with the $25,000 wedding ring that our Father gave Mom, Mother’s automobile, most of Mother’s furniture, a $1500 video camera, and tens of thousands of dollars of other household goods from Mother’s residence at 1020 West 42nd Street, in Houston, Texas (statement witnessed by Elizabeth Jarvis).

Produce the list, moron!  Enough said!!

I have a statement in Mother’s handwriting as to why she refused to give you and your immigrant wife a portion of the family land in New Caney, Texas, although Mother chose to award a share of the property to Charles and to Douglas (witnessed by Elizabeth Jarvis).

Reply: Kenneth has the deed to the property to which you refer to, imbecile, and by the way your boasting of it on the Internet as being your Texas fishing camp is side-splittingly laughable.  It's a condemned 16 2/3 acre parcel of land which Montgomery County, Texas and the feds have declared to be a flood plain, you moronic fraud.

I have a copy of her last will and testament (witnessed by Elizabeth Jarvis).

I have copies of EVERY email you ever sent me, including those concerning your former girlfriend who “shot you”, concerning your requests for me to seek her out in Arkansas and “deal with her”, and with the numerous other documents that you sent me, including copies of your “Book.”

Reply: Yeah, right!  Produce them, moron.  Publish them on the World Wide Web.  Perhaps you will have better success in the next courtroom making your asinine claims then you did when you were last prosecuted in Arkansas when you attempted to lay the blame on your "friends" who attended your  socialistic lib meetings where you and your "friends" gathered in support of the BO stench of dimlibbers (the ones you claimed had members in your Arkansas home frequently.  Remember telling the judge that perhaps it was one or more of the friends who probably criminally harassed and terrorized others with emails and faxes and by other means? 

I cannot describe how upset my wife and I are due to your FOUR recorded threats to “blow my head off.”

Reply:  I'd suggest that you ask anyone and everyone you can if they think Kenneth gives a tinker's damn how upset you and the Mormon nurse are.  I'd further suggest that the two of you  take a poll so as to determine the total number of people who think that he does.

The only recourse that we have, at this point, is to deal with the issue in a court of law (probably in a Federal court of law). Brother, I do NOT send “hounds down there” as you repeatedly and heatedly stated in your recorded telephone remarks. No, I actually do NOT employ ‘Hounds’. I only employ top-notch attorneys, preferably attorneys trained in Washington D.C. My wife and I do NOT deal with self-described 'para-legals.' I'm sorry, but my attorney friends here in D.C. (who are employed by my wife) are not overly fearful of your past failed exploits at intimidation.

Reply:  "... top-notch attorneys, preferably attorneys trained in Washington, D.C. " Dr. Warbucks, you wrote the email in September, 2009 and this is May, 2009 and those top-notch attorneys have yet to file suit?  You are such a jerk and so full of bullshit!

You will be contacted shortly, since my effort to mediate, with you, the situation (simply seeking my share of the inheritance, as willed by our Mother in her Last Will and Testament) of which I have a certified and notarized copy.

Reply:  ...contacted shortly?!  Dr. Warbucks, EIGHT MONTHS is not a short time, think about it.

I certainly hope that you, your immigrant wife Maria, and Douglas have not already illegally spent my share of the inheritance. That action would mean that we have a whole new set of issues with which to deal. And I certainly know how to deal with issues such as those.

Reply:  I'd suggest that you do what you gotta do, whatever in the hell you think it is you can do, and BRING IT ON!

Your loving Brother,

Dr. Charles R. Treuter
cc: counsel, file

Hello, 'Colonel'
From: Charles Treuter
Date: Fri, Sep 11, 2009 1:29 pm
Hey, "Colonel":
You, and your mexican wife and your Gatewood-look-alike brother (aka 'Douglas') have been fucking with me.
That is a no-no. And you should know better.
My D.C. attorneys are in the process of coming after you, and they fully intend to get my share of the inheritance.

Reply:  Like the road to hell on which you've been traveling for decades is paved with intentions, Dr. Warbucks.  BTW, my investigations conclude that you have no and had no share of any inheritance inasmuch as you defrauded mother out of appx. $250,000.00 while she was alive and you went into hiding for twelve years and refused to have any contact with you AFTER she told you that she was disowning you and you were to be disinherited.  I'd bet that Kenneth and Douglas are LOL, no, ROTFLALTAO!  Kenneth's one and only wife of 45 years, unlike the Mormon "wife" you shacked up with after two failed marriages, is quite likely also LHAO!!

You can pay me NOW, or you can pay me later. But you WILL pay me my share of the inheritance.

Reply:  You are seriously and pathologically delusional!!!!

SHAME upon you and 'Doug' for stealing from me. Do you NOT think that I have been collecting and saving documentation from the past? Really?

Dr. Warbucks, stop and think about you think Kenneth and Douglas Treuter give a tinker's damn what you've been collecting and saving from the past?  If so, think again!  Give your collection to your/your "wifes" high-powered Washington, D.C. attorneys, surely they'll be impressed, don't you think?  While you're at it you might stop by the office of high-powered attorney William Davis who represented his defendant clients when Kenneth sued their asses.  At the time, Mr. Davis vehemently stated that he would resign before Kenneth was paid a dime with respect to his claims against Davis' clients.  Well, how does a $1.2 million dollar settlement on the "Courthouse Steps" sound to you, "Doc"?  That D.C. "hound" certainly changed his tune as the case was about to go to trial.  Hmmm, Kenneth must be a much better "mail order" attorney than your warped "mind" has been able to grasp.  But damn the torpedoes and do what you gotta do - but then do it and stop emailing threats that you're going to do it.  After all, you UNEDUCATED fraud, your continuing to call and email Kenneth and his wife and Douglas is in strict violation of their explicit constructive and actual notice(s) to you and Elizabeth to cease and desist with your stalking, threatening, and harassing (run that by your D.C. Jewish lawyer hounds for what it's worth and see what they have to say)!

Most respectfully,
Dr. Charles R. Treuter

Dr. Charles R. Treuter

Oh, yeah, I forgot to add this:
From: Charles Treuter
Date: Fri, Sep 25, 2009 7:22 pm
Yeah, Mother also told me (in front of a witness, Elizabeth Jarvis) how much money you and your immigrant wife Maria stole from LIRL Treuter. Oh, yeah, Mother told us ALL of the sordid details (in front of a witness) -- THAT should play well in a court room.

Reply:  WTF are you talking about?  Whatever it is, I'd say you ought to bring out all those sordid details, el jerko...bring them on NOW, if not sooner, LOL.

Do you know what she was talking about? I guess it will ALL come out in court, Brother Kenneth and immigrant wife Maria.
By the way, are you guys still smoking pot --- you know the stuff that Maria got canned for at the supermarket?

Reply:  That's libelous, Dr. Warbucks, and that's actionable...just saying!

Oh yeah, we have a HUGE file, and a LONG memory, and our Mother never forgot to relate ALL the details in front of my witness, Elizabeth Jarvis.
YEP! We're gonna have some fun, Brother, unless you and your immigrant wife cough up MY share of the estate, and I'm talking PRONTO! The clock is ticking, brothers.
And, I haven't EVEN begun to share with you what she told us about Doug and his son and the loan that he NEVER repaid, even though he "bought his son a BMW" (in front of a witness, Elizabeth Jarvis).
And these little details are JUST THE BEGINNING, you understand.

Doctor Charles R. Treuter
Reply:  Dr. Warbucks, you are just too funny, you really are.

An update on Doctor E's rusted out single-wide in Arkansas
From: Daddy Warbucks
Date: Thu, Oct 1, 2009 4:05 pm

Just wanted to update ‘Fred’ (also known as ‘therealchiffonade’ and ‘Louise Brescia’) and ‘JerzeeTomato’ about our ‘rusted-out’ single wide in rural Arkansas --- LOL.

Even though we are currently enjoying the magnificent amenities at our lodge in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, my wife, Doctor E, cannot seem to escape the obvious overwhelming need for her medical guidance back in the States.

Reply:  What a crock of shit...plain and simple!

Despite her $218,000.00 per year salary at her ‘regular’ job (with 12 weeks PTO, corporate vehicle, personal staff, etc.), and her income from her clinic in Ireland, she has today accepted a job as a PRN consultant at a JEWISH-owned Nursing complex in Maryland. Her ‘Salary’ will be $76.50 per hour, with as many ‘hours’ as she is willing to contribute.

Her ‘task’ will be the Director of Training of the Jewish nursing home complex. In other words, Doctor E. will be training the people who take care of the elderly JEWS in the chain of nursing homes.

Reply:  I'll bet you a nickel to a donut hole that the Internal Revenue Service is going to be thrilled to receive this new information because they haven't known of such an income prior to your boasting.  ;-)

Ironic, is it not?

Reply:  VERY!

Meanwhile, DocWarbucks (LOL) will be keeping a handle on our motel and resort properties.

I tell you, Louise Brescia, there is truly no rest for ‘the wicked” --- LOL!

Oh, and by the way, why don’t you losers ‘Google’ up the verification of ALL of the above info. It is readily available for astute, drunken losers such as yourselves.

Even though we are currently enjoying the magnificent amenities at our lodge in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, my wife, Doctor E, cannot seem to escape the obvious overwhelming need for her medical guidance back in the States.

Reply:  Blah, blah, blah...horseshit!

I'm back, and I'm on top of things, and that is your WORST nightmare -- trust me.

Reply:  Oh, I'm certain your brothers are so shakened to learn that!
From: Daddy Warbucks
Date: Fri, Oct 9, 2009 4:00 pm

Yes, our 'hounds' say that their file of private investigator's findings pertaining to our case is progressing nicely, bolstered by my notarized copy of Mother Treuter's will that I secured (of course) before leaving Houston, Texas, (because I simply could NOT live around filthy mexicans you understand).

Reply: I'll bet this investigator has and always will out investigate yours, LOL.
From this point forward I'll not respond to the rest of your inane ranting.  Certainly you, the Mormon and your "hounds" should be able to figure out that no one, but you, gives two cents worth of runny dog crap about whatever it is which you care to rave!!!

You surely can sympathize with the fact that I secured all the necessary documents and other financial instruments, my educational commitments, the remodeling of Mother Treuter's home located at 1020 W. 42nd Street, the disposal of her collection of valuables, collectibles, coin collections, financial instruments (including bonds and real estate), and other properties.

Unless you have a will that supercedes OUR copy (that means, my and my American wife's copy), then you will want to prepare for lengthy litigation, and for the probable forfeiture of ALL of your and your mexican wife's inheritance that you STOLE from Doctor(s) Charles and Elizabeth Treuter.

Are you and your mexican wife (along with you other sibling, Douglas) prepared to spend EVERY penny you have on litigation?

It's YOUR choice.

Because Doctor Elizabeth and I BOTH know our way around a courtroom, BOTH have REAL lawyers as personal friends, BOTH have formal educations, and we BOTH mean business.

Yes, we BOTH are highly concerned about the theft of Mother Treuter's belongings by you and your mexican wife (home, cash, jewelry, vehicles, household items, furniture, unpaid loans, etc).

Oh, and by the way, we REALLY enjoyed our two-week adventure in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Our Jaguar performed flawlessly on the trip.

An update while I am taking a break from the golf course.
From: Daddy Warbucks
Date: Wed, Oct 14, 2009 3:12 pm

Hey brother Kenneth and mexican wife (forgot her name):

Did I ever tell you about Mother Treuter’s generous donation to my friend Bob Stupak’s development adventure, the building of the Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower?

Yes, it was on, let me think, I believe our second trip to Las Vegas with Mother that I introduced her to my dear friend, Bob Stupak. I spent a GREAT deal of time entertaining Mother Treuter, you understand.

Yes, she made a VERY generous donation to Bob (of course my wife and I held stock in the venture, if you understand such financial arrangements). Indeed, Mother got a brass plaque dedicated to her -- all because of my financial counseling, you understand.

Of course, now that I and my highly educated wife (B.S. in Elementary Education and M.S. in Education - University of Houston; R.N. - Arkansas State University; and now Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University).

YES, Mother Treuter appreciated people with education. What degrees did you say that you and your mexican wife hold? I forgot.

Anyway, my wife’s and my degrees have opened so many doors to financial opportunity, it is difficult for me to believe our successes. If I told you my wife’s total annual income, you would not believe it. And we owe it all to Mother Treuter.

We’ll be visiting soon, Kenneth. You can count on it.

Did you know?
From: Daddy Warbucks
Date: Mon, Nov 9, 2009 2:02 pm
Did you know that Mother Treuter was a COIN COLLECTOR? Yes, because some friend of hers advised her to invest in U.S. Mint proof sets, she had accumulated nearly 200 sets over the years. I was so pleased to receive the collection as a birthday gift.
Did you know that Mother Treuter had a STERLING SILVER service for eight (given to her as wedding gift)? I'm talking Solid SILVER here, NOT silver plate, in what is NOW considered an antique pattern, and the set is appraised at over $5000.00. My wife was so pleased to receive the set of Silver Service as a graduation gift when Mother Treuter attended my wife's graduation from the University of Houston.
Did you know that we (Mother Treuter and I) paid CASH for that cute little house (and all the furnishings) I had in Harvest Bend, there in Texas? Somehow, Mother Treuter just made it happen. And I was so pleased to live in that house until I could get away from all the niggers and mexicans (especially the mexicans) polluting the State of Texas.
Did you know that Mother Treuter had purchased 25, yes TWENTY-FIVE, United States Savings Bonds for me when I was just a baby? Can you imagine what those bonds were worth after 50, yes FIFTY, years of compounded interest? I was so pleased to receive those U.S. Savings Bonds as a Christmas gift --- that was the same Christmas I bought Mother Treuter a VCR!
Did you know that I worked SO hard remodeling Mother Treuter's termite-infested, miserable house on 1020 W. 42nd street, that she gifted me with a 100K Certificate of Deposit? I was so pleased to receive the gift for all of my hard work.
Did you know that Mother Treuter asked me to divide up the New Caney land, then to choose the piece I wanted, to assign a piece to brother Douglas, but NOT to brother Kenneth because his mexican wife had "stolen from her"? I was NOT pleased with this piece of worthless New Caney land, but I chose the largest piece -- in the middle -- so as to control any possible future use of the land.
Did you know that Mother Treuter gave my wife a huge Irish lace hand-knitted table cover and 36 stems of Waterford Crystal stemware that she had purchased in Ireland? My wife was so pleased to receive the gift and recently sold the items on eBay -- they, along with the STERLING SILVER flatware nearly paid for my wife's beautiful new Jaguar.
Did you know that my wife now earns nearly $250,000 per year?
Did you know that my pension, my investments, and my Social Security payments cover ALL of our living experiences here in Howard County, the "Wealthiest County in the USA", according to Forbes Magazine?
Did you know that I haven't EVEN told you the whole story, yet?
Have a good day. But for your own sake, don't fuck with people who are FAR more intelligent than YOU could ever hope to be.

Mother Treuter appreciated formal EDUCATION
From: Daddy Warbucks
Date: Sun, Nov 8, 2009 4:23 pm
Yes, Mother Treuter paid for ALL of DocChuck's education at the University of Houston:

* The B.S. degree in Education,
* The M.S, degree in Educational Administration,
* and, of course, the Doctor of Education degree.
* and EVEN, the $750.00 'class ring' that DocChuck recently sold (at $1100 per ounce, you understand).

WHY? Because Mother Treuter wanted to know that she had at LEAST one educated son.
And I appreciated that, and worked hard at diligently pursuing those degrees at the University of Houston, in order to keep Mother Treuter happy. She insisted that I print and distribute scores of copies of my professionally-bound Doctoral Dissertation to other Universities around the country (my goodness, that was an expensive undertaking, BUT that is what Mother Treuter desired).
Then, of course, I had not counted on the fact that she would ALSO finance my wife's degrees (B.S. at the University of Houston) and most of my wife's Registered Nurse degree at the University of Arkansas.
Alas, I had to eventually pay for part of (although YOUR tax dollars paid for OVER 80% of) my wife's Ph.D. in Nursing at the Johns Hopkins University.
AHHhh, YES! Life is good for ole DocChuck! He is so PLEASED that Mother Treuter depended upon him, and HIM alone to move to Houston, to watch over her, to care for her while her 'OTHER' sons had done nothing but ignore her, steal from her, and permit their mexican wife and kids to take advantage of her.
My wife and I are approaching the Thanksgiving season, and thanks to Mother Treuter, we have a great deal to be thankful for. On the other hand, we have been robbed by Kenneth and Douglas - - - and that situation WILL be rectified.
Trust me!
Now, I REALLY must run since my wife, Doctor Elizabeth is about to table my gourmet dinner.
Hounds are now on the way.

From: Daddy Warbucks
Date: Thu, Dec 10, 2009 2:35 pm
The hounds, the best Jewish hounds that Washington, D.C. has to offer, are now on the way, with instructions to present you two thieves with a package of papers just in time for your superstitious holiday,
YES, the hounds are hard to control when working on a large contingency and armed with certified documents and reports of your recent financial 'activities.'
Oh yeah, and we (my wife and I) will be looking for our share of the camper, the automobile, the jewelry that Mother Treuter said that your mexican wife stole, and other items missing from the detailed inventory I made during my stay in Houston, Texas.
Have a nice jesus holiday and all of that, 'brothers'.

My evaluation of you, Kenneth
From: Daddy Warbucks
Date: Tue, Feb 2, 2010 3:29 pm

You see, Kenneth, here are the reasons I always despised you:

 You didn’t look like any of us Treuters --- you looked like a mutant of some sort. Mr. Gatewood used to often remark that you were “odd.”

 You were (and still are) lazy, stupid, awkward, and obviously without any skills or educational capabilities.

 You always tended to sponge off of and steal from other people (phony lawsuits, phony law firms, stealing from Lirl Treuter, trying to borrow money from me, --- well, you get the idea).

 You barely graduated from high school, so Mother Treuter told me.

 You married a mexican whore because no white woman would want anything to do with your loser ass.

You see, Kenneth, you are still acting stupid. You call yourself a ‘Colonel’ (yep, a lot of loser auctioneers attempt to boost THEIR ego with that trick). You think that you and your mexican whore wife can steal from me and get away with it --- LOL.
Well, Kenneth --- we will see, won’t we?
Give my regards to Douglas, because I am pursuing 'criminal' charges against him.
Have a good day.

For your information, Colonel.
From: Daddy Warbucks
Date: Fri, Feb 5, 2010 1:32 pm

Did I ever tell you what REALLY pissed me off about Mother Treuter? It was the day that she and your mexican wife invited themselves to visit MY home. Then YOUR wife sat on MY sofa and started spouting off all of that jesus-hugging, superstitious, uneducated, bullshit religious nonsense.

When I told Mother Treuter that I did NOT care to hear it (after all, I am an EDUCATED person - Mother Treuter paid for my Master’s and my Doctoral degrees), she got REALLY pissed off.

Then there was the time that Mother Treuter brought your mexican wife’s illegitimate kid to MY home (even though Mother Treuter paid for my home there on Twilight Moon Drive – it did NOT give her the right to bring mexicans into my house!).

Now, maybe you can understand why I had to “hightail it out of Houston” and get away from your mexican wife and kids. Do you know what I mean, COLONEL Kenneth Wayne?

Did you know that Mother Treuter bought a $1000.00-plus video camera just so I could make her a video of my wife’s graduation at the University of Houston (Mother Treuter paid for most of Elizabeth’s college expenses, for your information)? She then asked me to buy another camera for YOU for a birthday gift or some such shit.

But when she found out that YOU were letting your kids use the camera, she became furious and threw a “fit” similar to those thrown by the uneducated old man (like when he punched holes in the kitchen wall). That’s when she decided that you were NOT going to get anything else from her --- and that’s when she wrote out a new will and had it certified --- (I have a copy).
Carry on, COLONEL Kenneth Wayne. And rest easy, if you can --- LOL!

DOUBTLESSLY, THE FOLLOWING IS THE CROWN JEWEL OF THE ABOVE POSTED EMAILS... believe it or not, there are others which are even more vulgar, profane, inane, and psychotic:

Did you know that we (Mother Treuter and I) paid CASH for that cute little house (and all the furnishings) I had in Harvest Bend, there in Texas? Somehow, Mother Treuter just made it happen. And I was so pleased to live in that house until I could get away from all the niggers and mexicans (especially the mexicans) polluting the State of Texas.

What a LOSER you are, Dr. Warbucks/Charles Richard Treuter!!!  Sooooooo, sad.  And that's just me saying so...well me and hundreds of others who have come here and sent messages to me after perusing the entire blog.