Sunday, April 25, 2010

Exposing "DocChuck"

For years "DocChuck" has been stalking and harassing people on and off the World- Wide-Web. The_Ferret has been commissioned to expose him for who he is and what he is. And expose him is precisely what The_Ferret will do through a series of blog posts. Feel free to peruse through each of them and ask any questions you may have. It's time for "DocChuck" (Charles Richard Treuter, DOB: May 19, 1942) to be outed.

Although it's been a commissioned assignment to expose Charles Richard Treuter ( of 5633 Columbia Rd. - Apt. 102, Columbia, Maryland, 21044, Phone Number: (A.C. 410)245-4750, it may very well serve many others (in addition to the individual who commissioned The_Ferret to gather together an investigative file on the person/blogger in question) who have, for varied reasons, also wanted to know the true identity of the vile and menacing "DocChuck".